Technical solutions & Design



Every football stadium is special. Although, we play football on pitches very similar by measurements - technical solution for each stadium must be taylor made. High-quality playing surface is achieved only if proper solution is found. 


Drainage, undersoil heating, irrigation and pumping, ISAAS system (undersoil drainage and ventilation) are difficult engineering systems. To build them correctly, suitable solution must be found, and detailed technical design must be worked out before construction starts. 
We do provide full package of documentation as well as adaptation with local law at international projects.


There are no similar two golf courses in the world. Each of 30.000 existing golf projects are different. 

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From small driving ranges to big multi-course resorts, investors need good understanding of construction and maintenance budget prior construction kick off. Without understanding of design and technical construction details no one can assess correct construction costs. 


We do provide full golf course technical design including irrigation and pumps design.