Sun & Shade

Sun-Shade1.jpgLandscaper Pro Sun & Shade grass seeds are uniquely blended to thrive in both harsh sunshine and shaded environments.

Many gardens and landscaped areas have parts that receive maximum sunshine while other areas remain dim and shaded. This drastic contrast in light can be tough on grass which is why Everris offers Sun & Shade.

Landscaper Pro Sun & Shade has a low Nitrogen requirement. It also requires low amounts of water. This excellent tolerance to drought is due to its deep rooting. This product comes available in 5kg and 10kg bags.

Product Advantages
  • Fantastic performance in harsh sun and dim lighting
  • Low Nitrogen requirements
  • Good drought tolerance due to deep rooting
  • Great wear tolerance

Directions for Use:
This product has a seeding rate of 25gr/m2.  This allows for approximately 400m2 per 10kg bag. It has a recommended cutting height of 1.5 – 2.5cm.

For further instructions or recommendations, please contact us.