Stress Control

LSP_Stress-Control.jpgLandscaperPro Stress Control is a fertilizer that enables turf to handle stress caused by extreme temperatures. It is perfect for preconditioning turf for distressing circumstances. Its high Potassium content strengthens cell walls and assists with water regulation in the plant.

The controlled release Nitrogen is only distributed during optimum growing conditions, therefore prepping the plant for upcoming stress. The added Magnesium content ensures for great leaf color.

Product Advantages
  • Ideal for preparing turf for periods of stress
  • Nitrogen is only released during prime growing conditions
  • High Potassium content to strengthen cell walls
  • Assists with water regulation in the plant
  • Mini-granules ensure great nutrient distribution

Product Characteristics 

Avg Granule Size (mm) 


Avg Recommended Rate (gr/m²) 


Calc Bulk Density (kg/m³) 

960 - 1061 

Granule Size (mm) 



2-3 Months 

Product Dispersal 


Recommended Rate 

20.00 - 45.00 g/m² 

Turf Response 

1-3 days 

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