SitePro Synergy Series

  • Direct Programming of your course by area
  • Fully Flow Managed or manual operation
  • Network Handheld option for remote field operation
  • 1-year NSN support with Standard PC

SitePro Synergy Series lets you control Network GDC, Network LTC Plus or Network GDC field hardware.

System capacity - GDC 2-wire system
Supports up to 800 stations / 1600 sprinklers in a GDC 2-wire system.

System capacity - satellite system
Supports up to 768 stations / 2304 sprinklers in an OSMAC or LTC system.

Remote access to your system
See an area that needs adjustment on the course; make the change directly at the satellite or on PRISM. Need to check what’s running now, use your mobile phone from anywhere. Want to confirm your pump station is running at full capacity during the night; check in from your home PC. With NSN® Connect, remote access is now available any time, anywhere.

NSN support
Includes 1 year of NSN telephone support, hardware repalcements and software updates.