PAOK F.C. as a new challenge

ENGO news - 28 February 2017

PAOK F.C. as a new challenge

PAOK F.C. as a new challenge In October 2016 ENGO Group was invited as an expert to carry out an inspection and to provide opinions on the field conditions of the football stadium and training ground for PAOK F.C..

As a result of the examination it was found that current state of the football turf fields does not comply with FIFA / UEFA fields testing criteria to ensure the highest playing performance for professional-level football of Greece and European Super league. One of the most important tasks for ENGO experts is to raise the level of the playing surface, using its own experience and equipment of the leading world companies such as Kubota, Redexim etc.

ENGO Group will take the challenge to achieve the best possible result with help of its certified specialists, professional equipment and remarkable experience.