ENGO Ltd Slovakia announces ISO 9001 Certification

ENGO news - 15 January 2014

Upon completion of an extensive systems evaluation,“ENGO Ltd Slovakia”announced that it has successfully completed the final stage of ISO 9001 Certification.


ISO Standard 9001:2008 is recognized internationally as the standard for quality management

The comprehensive system audits cover every aspect of operations related to project management of golf and football pitches and to trading commodities for garden centers, growers and other customers.

Successfully running audit and fulfilling all demands and conditions for certificate means - especially in the time of dramatic increase of quality importance - high appreciation of ENGO business and relationships with clients and suppliers. Standard ISO 9001:2008 confirms that the company is strongly focused on its customers, with the aim of continuous improvement of all the processes, systems approach in commercial activities and managing and maintaining good relationships with all suppliers. The audit confirmed that the company management meets the needs of its customers and improves business activities while keeping the optimal costs.


Norbert Zaťko, CEO: "I am very pleased, that audit leading to get a certificate was smooth and successful. I understand this as a confirmation of the fact, that our customers are satisfied and they trust us. No doubt, that the way we have chosen is correct one. The certificate reflects the prior aims of the company like anticipating of customer needs, providing innovative solutions and continuously improvement the quality of our services. I am convinced, that the ISO certificate will strengthen position of ENGO Ltd on international market and acquire new business opportunities".

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