The process of reconstruction of "Kazan Arena" for the World Cup 2018

Construction - 10 December 2013

Video on reconstruction of "KAZAN ARENA"

Oct, 5, 2013

First machines and equipment are delivered to the site. ENGO Group team is ready to start...

prvy_stroj_prichadza_na_stadion_XX.jpg ENGO_team_Kazan_Arena_XX.jpg

Begin to dig grooves for ISASS...


Oct, 18, 2013

In the first 12 days of works installation of drainage pipes for drainage-vacuum system ISASS has been almost finished, and covering with layer of gravel has been started.

Assembly of heating system collector will begin soon. At the same time works on installation of separator, pump station, boiler house, heat-exchangers and ISASS room carry on.

The quality of material is crucial for reliability and 100% functionality of the systemThe accuracy of drainage pipes' gradients - important assumption, so that any excessive water can be quickly drawn downwards, away from the surfaceSite manager Miroslav Šigut (left) and his deputy Štefan Bliska (right)


Our team after working day

Oct, 25, 2013

Drainage layer in the bottom is completed, we continue laying of heating system. Covering the surface by rooting zone will follow very soon...

KAZAN_ARENA_vykurovanie.jpg KAZAN_ARENA_stavebne_prace.jpg

Oct, 26, 2013

Peak performance of ENGO team in 21 days results in:
  • Isass system completed
  • Drainage layer completed
  • Heating system finalized at 90%
  • Pump station completed
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Oct, 28, 2013

Cooperation with local operators goes smoothly and without any problems.


Oct, 31, 2013

Irrigation system is fully working...


Nov, 1, 2013

Pitch's surface is graded and ready for laying of lawn turf...


Laying of lawn turf has started as scheduled...


Nov, 2, 2013

Heavy machines and vehicles leave the stadium...


Nov, 3, 2013

Laying of lawn turf goes on according to the schedule...


Nov, 8, 2013

Installation of 40 mm thick sod grass brought from Holland was finished.

KAZAN Arena travnik hotovy pokladka ukoncena.jpeg

Nov, 22, 2013

The first roots have appeared!


Dec, 9, 2013

KAZAN ARENA is under snow, pitch is lightened by RA-TLS rigs.

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