About us

ENGO Group celebrated its 20th anniversary of its successful performance on the market. We took this as an opportunity for looking back. 

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We started as a small company with a few people, no big capital but with euphoria, enthusiasm and many plans. Today, when years checked all our diversified activities, the company has become one of the largest supply and service companies in the TURF industry, operating in Eastern Europe with offices in Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia.

We were honored to work with you and believe that we deserve your trust also in the future.

Your ENGO Group Team

First company “ENGO” was established in 1992. The company’s main aim is to ensure the implementation of modern technologies and products into modern agriculture and ornamental gardening. Nowadays we can declare with confidence that “ENGO” is focused on professional turf. It works closely with prestige golf and football clubs from Central and Eastern Europe. Due to this fact the company’s enriching its experience in areas like construction, management and greenkeeping of professional pitches.


“ENGO” also focuses on area of viticulture, forestry and tree nursery, where provides specific services (water and soil analyses, nutrition plans, maintenance) as well as products of leading world companies in this segment.
Inherent activities of “ENGO” portfolio are publishing and organization of educational conferences and workshops.

We work in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

“ENGO Russia” has been established and started its work in 2012.


  • Sales of products for turf, horticulture, agronomy, viniculture and silviculture (seeds, fertilizers, planting pots, substrata, spreaders etc.)
  • Sales of machinery for professional turf maintenance - Redexim, Graden, Dakota, Enviromist – as well as Spare parts
  • Sales of special FOOTBALL products (lighting technology, plastic covers etc.)
  • Golf construction – drainage, shaping, pump house & filtration, irrigation, seeding, grow in
  • Maintenance - greenkeeping of sports pitches, consultancy & advisory service
  • Renovation & Construction of sport fields, artificial & natural football pitches
  • Sales of horticulture products for HOBBY market


ZELPO ARENA, Slovakia - ENGO Group was responsible for reconstruction of the football pitch of FC ZP Sport, using the Fibresand™ technology - the patented licensed pitch installation which meets the FIFA Stadium World Cup requirements. Hence Zelpo Arena occurs to be the first football pitch in Slovakia with a reinforced surface.

STRAWBERRY FIELDS, Russia - The project includes an 18-hole golf course with a golf academy and 70 real estate objects. ENGO Group provided the project with the following services: supply and installation of the irrigation system including pumps complex, sowing, grow-in and greenkeeping, supplying a full range of second-hand machinery for the golf course maintenance. 

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KAIRAT, Kazakhstan - Four football pitches constructed by ENGO Group for FC Kairat occurred the first ones in Kazakhstan to have been constructed with the use of the Fibresand™ technology. Full range of works included: irrigation system installation; drainage and root zones mounting; sowing; heating system installation (two pitches); pump stations establishing; central heating room installation; transportation of all the materials from Slovakia; supply of fertilizers and professional equipment for the pitch maintenance.  

MILL'S CREEK, Russia - It is a mixed real estate and golf development project (designed by EGD, master plan development by WATG, management by Braemar Golf). ENGO Group acted as a general contractor for golf-related works. The scope of works included: drainage project installation, greens, tees & bunkers construction, installation of irrigation system and seeding. The golf course project follows the latest technologies and design trends.

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Driving Range Jelka – Construction of Driving Range (300m), putting & chipping greens, bunkers, supply of products

Airport Golf Club, Šurany – Golf Academy construction, Total Solution including all phases from project documentation in 2008 till Grand Opening in 2009

Golf Club Scotland, Sebedražie – Construction of Driving Range and Academy (6 holes), supply of grass seeds, fertilizers, pre-seeding activities, seeding


First Golf & Country Club, Lugansk – Total Solutions (Barenbrug seeds, Everris fertilizers, TORO irrigation products and TORO machines) for 9-holes golf course construction

Royal Kyiv Golf Club, Kyiv – Aerification of greens and tees in total of 22 000 m2, fertilizers & chemicals application

Superior Golf Club, Kharkiv – Fertilizers & chemicals supply, soil & water analyses

Golf & Country Club Kazan, Russia – TORO machines supply & service

Private Golf Club, Kyiv – TORO and REDEXIM machines supply

Z-Golf Club, Ukraine – TORO machines and green sod supply

Kyiv Golf & Country Club, Kyiv - Irrigation system Site Pro (TORO) & drainage installation for 18-holes golf course, fertilizers (Scotts) and seeds (Barenbrug) supply

Superior Golf Club, Kharkiv - Irrigation system & pump house installation, the first satellite irrigation system in Ukraine


NSC “Olympiyskyi”, Kyiv – Complete reconstruction of football pitch during spring 2011 for EURO2012, including sod laying, lighting technology and greenkeeping equipment supply

FC “Metalist”, Kharkiv – Complete reconstruction of pitch for EURO2012, including DESSO synthetic grass fibres technology